Aug 29, 2012

breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed on a weekday? why not? 
nothing beats time with the one you love, no matter how early...

Aug 28, 2012

i love when friends visit...

lauryn & arrianna. oh & katie too...

these wonderful friends stopped by for a short visit and it was glorious! 
we explored a cool art shop, admired cute houses, took pictures & 
of course, had coffee & gelato.

my hubs was away for the weekend at his buddy's wedding so it 
was great to have some company while he was busy playing
golf and being a wonderful groomsmen, no doubt...

thanks for the visit, ladies!
feel free to stop by anytime &  say hello!

Aug 27, 2012

25 weeks!

only 3 more weeks until i hit my last trimester! 
i can't believe it. so crazy.
this pregnancy has really treated me well.
no morning sickness. no throwing up (thank goodness!)and
no major aversions to certain foods or smells. 
i guess i've been pretty lucky.

the closer i get, the more excited (and nervous) i start to feel!
i try to picture what my little man will look like and how much hair
he'll have. i really can't wait to hold him & cuddle.
those are going to be such precious moments. 

happy monday to all!

Aug 20, 2012

Just a little wedding preview...

as some of you know, i shoot weddings for a living. 
since our move to north carolina, i've had to 
start over with getting the word out and 
trying to snag more clients.
yeah. not an easy task. 

despite not shooting as many weddings as i would have liked this year, 
josh & kara's big day really made up for it!
they had so many beautiful details & everything was just perfect.
my hubs came along and we had the best time capturing their special day. 
i could go on and on about it but you'll just have to see for here!

oh & happy monday!

Aug 14, 2012

online registry = one happy momma-to-be!

ok, as a sip my coffee this morning, i thought i would share something that has pretty much made registering for baby items a whole lot more fun (and WAY easier too)...

if you're having a baby, getting married or even moving into a new house, 
My Registry is where it's at. seriously, so much easier.
all you have to do is create an account (it's FREE!), install the "add to my registry" button to your bookmarks toolbar (pretty much the same thing as the "pin it" button for pinterest) & when you find something you want, just add it to your online registry. 

it's that simple.

 another awesome highlight is that you can create a cash gift fund for those friends & family members who just don't know what to get ya. they can just send you some moo-lah. which, let's face it, is pretty much the gift we all "secretly" want. especially when it comes to baby stuff.

our baby registry is up & running so...friends & family who are reading this, feel free to take a look! ;)

happy tuesday, friends!

Aug 13, 2012

lakeside picnic.

 nothing beats a beautiful & breezy overcast day 
(i happen to love a good overcast day) 
 & time spent with the one you love.
we packed some sammies, fruit, books and headed off.
of course, we had to ward off some annoying flies while trying 
to enjoy our picnic lunch but were quite entertained as a 
small group of geese goofed off in the water.
i'm pretty sure they knew we were watching...

much love to you all & happy monday!