Aug 14, 2012

online registry = one happy momma-to-be!

ok, as a sip my coffee this morning, i thought i would share something that has pretty much made registering for baby items a whole lot more fun (and WAY easier too)...

if you're having a baby, getting married or even moving into a new house, 
My Registry is where it's at. seriously, so much easier.
all you have to do is create an account (it's FREE!), install the "add to my registry" button to your bookmarks toolbar (pretty much the same thing as the "pin it" button for pinterest) & when you find something you want, just add it to your online registry. 

it's that simple.

 another awesome highlight is that you can create a cash gift fund for those friends & family members who just don't know what to get ya. they can just send you some moo-lah. which, let's face it, is pretty much the gift we all "secretly" want. especially when it comes to baby stuff.

our baby registry is up & running so...friends & family who are reading this, feel free to take a look! ;)

happy tuesday, friends!