Jan 31, 2013

mommy + me.

nothing like spending time with my favorite little bubs. we got to enjoy the warm, breezy weather on our back deck. lincoln loved it!

my little dude hangin' out.
 (don't mind my sausage toes. i'm long overdue for a pedicure)

i hope you've been able to enjoy some nice weather this week.

happy thursday! 

Jan 28, 2013


hi. i'm lincoln.

and i like to blow bubbles.

happy monday!

Jan 19, 2013

lincoln's birth story.

i am SO excited to share this post with you all! my husband did an amazing job putting together a little video to help us remember lincoln's arrival. it was a long day of labor & our emotions were at an all time high but the end result was nothing short of miraculous. so thankful for our precious gift...

Jan 8, 2013

sweet moments.

sweet moments like this make the harder days seems a little less daunting. i'll take that any day of the week.

sincerely, rebecca

Jan 7, 2013

new year. new baby. new house.

this past year has been a whirlwind. so much has happened. we moved from florida to north carolina, joel started a new job, we welcomed our new baby into the world and finally moved into our first home.
i'll admit it's been a little crazy trying to juggle being a new mommy and finding the time to unpack the new house but i'm learning to embrace the chaos.
 lots of boxes to go through.
oh yeah. and this little guy needs my undivided attention. 
i feel pulled in so many directions these days but i'm learning to lean on God's strength. goodness knows i couldn't do this on my own. as we look back at 2012, we are so thankful for a great year. lots of answers to prayers and sweet memories.
until next time,
the andrews