May 31, 2013

my current "clothes crush"

1. "Ready or Yacht Dress" from Modcloth. This dress looks so comfy + I'm already a sucker for anything with stripes. It's an obsession really.

2. "Stay in Sicily Sandal" from Modcloth. Red sandals are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. I especially love the detail on the straps and the zipper on the back.

3. "Norway or the Highway Top" from Modcloth. I absolutely adore this top! I could see myself wearing it everyday.

//I've been seeing so many cute summer clothes online lately + I keep telling myself that I'm going to finally purchase something from Modcloth. The only problem is that there's just too many choices (that's probably a good thing)//

May 29, 2013

bath time.

bath time has been hit or miss lately. usually, this kiddo can't get enough and other times, well, i think the picture above explains it all. and being the great parent i am, i start snapping pictures of his cute cranky face. i mean, how could you not?

we're in that awkward stage where he really wants to sit up but he can't quite support himself, thus adding to his frustration with bath time. any creative ideas on how to survive bath time when you have a wiggle worm who can't sit up yet? 

happy wednesday!


May 28, 2013

a visit to the plant nursery.

ever since we've hit the warmer months, joel + i have been dreaming up ideas for our backyard. it's always fun to wander around home improvement stores and find inspiration. for months now, we've driven past a huge plant nursery and we finally decided it was time to make the stop. there were so many pretty flowers, shrubs + my personal favorite, succulents. we didn't purchase anything this go around but we  it sure was fun dreaming of what could be.

i think our next project is a firepit for the backyard. it's an absolute must for making s'mores on those cool summer nights.

what's next on your to do list?

May 24, 2013

birthday bliss.

yesterday was my birthday + my two favorites made it a special one. birthday kisses, surprise visits, sweet treats + a kiddie pool! we topped off the day with a trip to get frozen yogurt. soooo good! thankful for all my blessings.

May 22, 2013

rainy weekend in dc [part 2]

enter washington dc day #2:

 we packed up the kiddos (and umbrellas) and headed back into the city. we stopped by the lincoln memorial (easily my favorite part of the trip), the washington monument + a few other places along the way.

 there's really nothing like being in our nation's capitol and taking in all the rich history. i could visit every year and not get bored. seriously. loved this trip + the people we got to spend it with.