Apr 30, 2013

sushi date!

our last evening in florida was spent with some special friends at our favorite sushi place. this place seriously has the best sushi. i am literally craving it as i type this post. their salad dressing is to die for too (hmmm. maybe i should have bought some while i was there) anyhow, we had a lovely time catching up with our florida peeps and chowing down on some sushi.
my kindred spirit!
 group shot = success
 ha, the camera kept taking pictures!
looks like my husband had too much sake ;)
 yes, we are mature adults. most of the time.

happy tuesday!

Apr 26, 2013

baby tears.

there is nothing more pitiful than baby tears. breaks my heart every time. lincoln has had his share of tears this week due to not feeling well. my guess is that it's a combination of his shots, a yucky cold and probably adjusting back to a schedule from our florida trip. it's no fun when your little one isn't themselves. we're hoping the weekend will bring good things and our sweet baby will be back to full health.

enjoy the weekend, friends.


Apr 25, 2013

our florida trip: bbq + bowling

on one of our last full days in gainesville, the whole fam ventured out to get some bbq + show off their bowling skills. i'm not sure how well i did at bowling but i was a champ at taking down those ribs. they were so yummy + just fell off the bone. we also scored a little treat from home...cheerwine!
baby toes + cheerwine = nothing better 
mom, can i please have more cheerwine?  
 all gone.
 jalapeno poppers. so good!
i "mustache" you a question.
being silly + wearing great grandma's glasses 

thanks for stopping by,


happy thursday! 

Apr 24, 2013

our florida trip: "take me out to the ball game"

one of the highlights from our trip was attending my little brother's baseball game. it brought back memories of watching him play when he was just a little tike. now he's a senior in high school & attending fire school in the fall. craziness. where does the time go? jeremy had an exciting game & we were all there to cheer him on. well, most of us...
senior night. jeremy with mom & dad.
my brother jon & his son, noah.
cheering for uncle jeremy.

my sister leanna & her husband, nick
"nature" bracelets
  uncle jon being silly.
 noah looking for the "butterfly" in my camera.
 me & my favorite little person!

hope you're enjoying this beautiful wednesday!