Jul 24, 2013

big boy bath!

Lincoln is officially taking big boy baths! No more sinks or plastic whale tubs. I can't believe it. My little baby is becoming a big boy. Where does the time go?

Treasuring these little moments in my heart.

Happy Wedensday!


Jul 23, 2013

outdoors time.

Making sure my little one gets outdoors time is something I'm not really good at (if you couldn't already tell by looking at my pale-faced child) - I usually like spending time outside but it's been so stinkin' hot these days, I'd much rather stay inside than endure the sun's brutal rays. I keep reminding myself that a trip to the beach or the lake will renew my love for summer.

Over the weekend, we were finally blessed with a beautiful day/evening and Lincoln finally got his vitamin D fix. 

Here he is "talking" the birds...

Love this face!

 Any fun ideas on how to beat the summer heat?

Jul 16, 2013

baby on the move.

This kiddo is officially on the move. He's got his own variation of the army crawl but he's fast. Our home isn't that big so he can get from point A to point B pretty quickly. I've found him reaching for things he shouldn't have and chewing on my sandals (proof it's finally time to whip out some baby proofing goodies). His favorite spot though is the kitchen (why is that?). Maybe it's just easier for him to get around on the slick floor. Last week I finally grabbed my camera, layed down on the floor and let him crawl away.

He found the table legs + thought they were a good chew toy...

 and then he got stuck (is it wrong that I find this funny?).

anyhow, happy tuesday!

Jul 10, 2013

evening playtime.

Evenings at our house always include some playtime with our favorite little person. Our current "game" is playing in the ball pit daddy made out of our leather ottoman (or just eating it).

 happy wednesday!

Jul 9, 2013


This year was our first time watching fireworks since we've moved + truth be told, I wasn't impressed. The crowds were horrendous, it was really late and the show only lasted for about 10 minutes. Yeah, not worth it. Especially when you have a little one. I convinced Joel it would be the perfect thing to blog about so we ventured out and soon found ourselves stuck in a loooong line of traffic. BUT we made the best of it + snapped some pictures for the blog (why not?) 

 we hope you enjoyed your 4th a little more than we did :/

happy tuesday!

Jul 8, 2013

our michigan family!

We had a very special visit last week. Joel's mom, step-dad + little brother, Matthew drove all the way from Michigan just to see us (well, mainly Lincoln). This was their first time seeing him since he made his entrance into the world about 7 months ago (still can't believe it's been that long!). The visit was short but full of sweet memories, like watching the grands play with Lincoln . He loved having all the attention + getting some new toys (thanks, Grandma!). As always, we wish these times with family weren't so few and far between but we are thankful for the moments we are able to sneak in every year. Love you guys!

matthew loves getting his picture taken. can't you tell?

we spent some time in the pool too. it was a little bright.

hope you are having a great monday!