Sep 20, 2012

guess what i found...

i found all these books at a local thrift store and scored the group of them for under $8! i was pretty excited! we had been thrifting all day without much luck but on our last stop, we discovered a huge bookshelf full of kids books. yeah, it was pretty great.
 but books weren't my only great find. thanks to my friend, cori, i found myself browsing baby clothes at the cutest kids consignment shop (children's orchard). they have an awesome selection of baby clothes for such an affordable price. i was like a kid in candy store and it was hard to show some restraint. my favorite purchase were some little corduroy pants for lincoln. he's going to be one cute little man. i'm just sure of it.
seriously, how cute are baby clothes? i can't get over it!
i am so excited to just be a mommy & hold my little guy in my arms.
just a few more months... :)

happy thursday!


  1. How exciting! Baby clothes are irresistible. I know what you mean about wanting to hold your little one. Once I hit the third trimester, I started to get very impatient waiting for Layla to get here. The impatience is only getting worse week by week!
    I don't know if you've heard this or not, but a woman at work told me to have Nate read to Layla every night because if he does, she'll already know his voice when she's born. She heard that at some conference so she told her son and when his baby was born, the baby would turn its head to find the father's voice immediately after birth! I thought that was so cool! Now Joel will lots of books to read to Lincoln!
    I'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy! Have fun!

  2. Ahhh, I know! I'm always tempted to buy baby clothes every single time I'm in the baby section. And yes, I can see how the waiting just gets worse. My sister told me to make sure to keep busy with all sorts of things so your weeks go by faster, like getting together with friends, visiting fun stores, baking, cleaning, going on fun outings with the hubs...stuff like that. :)