Sep 18, 2012

baby shower!

we are home after a great weekend in florida! my mom was kind enough to host a baby shower during our visit and i was overwhelmed by all the love and support! we are truly grateful for everyone who came, especially those of you that drove over an hour to get there. it means so much! oh and just so everyone knows, my sister leanna made those awesome owl cupcakes! that was her little surprise for me. aren't they adorable? i absolutely love them!

now that i'm in my third trimester, our next goal or project is to tackle the nursery. the guest room in our apartment is full of goodies from the shower that just need some organizing or a place to go...ikea, here we come! we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as we slowly make progress on lincoln's nursery. exciting times!

happy tuesday, friends!


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    1. Thanks, Julie! Loved seeing the quilt you made for Layla! I wouldn't even dare to make my own! Sewing things intimidates me...