Sep 26, 2012

a letter from daddy...

Dear Lincoln,
You are old enough to hear 
and recognize the sound of my voice 
(kick twice if this is true)
This whole experience is a little strange...maybe you agree.  
So far, mom has done the heavy lifting in this project known as parenting;
you are probably wondering what my role will be as Dad.

(I'm excited to see if you'll actually look like me)

From what I understand, becoming a Dad is a learning process;
you will learn to walk and talk,
while I learn to become increasingly 
corny and embarrassing.
You will learn to say "please" and "thank you,"
while I just try to please you.
I'll be honest (insert Abe joke here)
and say that I only can be sure of just one thing:
my love for you is "conditional"...
as long as you are my son, 
I will love you.