Jul 17, 2012

a little nursery inspiration.

ok, so planning the nursery is probably one of my favorite parts of being preggo so far. i'm sure that when i start feeling the baby move around more, that will probably top my list but for now, dreaming and planning for the nursery is pretty great.

i've figured out that my style is definitely not that matchy matchy kind of theme. you know, where EVERYTHING is farm animals or noah's ark? yeah, not my thing. i like a little variety and having some eclectic fun. i've been able to come up with some things that i'm totally in love with (that was the easy part) but with our budget, i'm sure i'll have to compromise here and there...

1. This is the SNIGLAR crib from IKEA and it's only $69! I like the simplicity of it and that it's gender neutral so I can get more uses out of it. (Of course, I've found some great deals for cribs on craigslist as well...hmmm)

2. This dresser is also an IKEA piece - I'm loving the modern vibe!

3. Ok, so how cute are these blocks? You can customize them which makes them even more personal and unique! Want to get yours? Check them out at Retro Vertigo on etsy!

4. I am totally crushing on this fire red rocking moose! Seriously, how awesome is it? You can find this little cutie at IKEA for $39!

5. I admit that I have a slight obsession with area rugs. I think they just add a whole new look to a room and I'm loving this one from Urban Outfitters! And for a 5x7, you can snag this for $79 and get free shipping!

6. One of the reasons I like this rocking chair is for it's retro feel. I'm not sure how comfortable it is  but it's definitely on the cheaper end of rocking chairs I've been able to find online. It's on overstock.com for $140 and you get free shipping. Oh and just a note, ALWAYS check on craigslist if you see something you like online but just aren't sure of the price. I found this exact rocking chair (and it's never been used) for $100 on craigslist!

7. Ottomans usually don't appeal to me but if I get a rocking chair, I definitely want to have a place to prop up my poor, tired mommy feet. I found this one online at Target and loved how the leather look gives the room a more masculine feel.

8. & 9. When it comes to finding those few, key pieces to add a whimsical touch, Etsy is where it's at. And of course, that's where I found these last two piecesThe first is this adorable moose head hook but you can find much more at Michelle Lisa's Treasure Chest!
And last but certainly not least are these plush animal pillows from Laura Frisk - these have got to be my favorite items! They are seriously the cutest things. I fell in love when I saw them in Laura's etsy shop & better yet, they are very reasonably priced at just $16 a piece. Please, go check out her shop today! You won't be disappointed! 

I hope this gives you a little inspiration, not just for a nursery but for any room in your home! Have a happy Tuesday!