Jun 3, 2013

farmer's market + the beatles

Our weekend started with an early morning. Lincoln decided it was a good day to get up a 5:45 am. I'm trying to embrace the fact that I will never sleep in again but it gave us a good start to our day and we decided to walk to the farmer's market. And wow, summer is definitely here! It has been so hot this week! Makes me extra thankful for air conditioning. Joel spent the rest of Saturday shooting a friend's wedding with film! How cool is that? And Lincoln and I braved the crazy weekend crowds + headed to the grocery store. I've been putting it off for a few days now but shopping on a weekend reminded me why I shop on a weekday in the mornings. Ugh. It was a rough stop. Why do they only have a few registers open? And I saw three workers standing around  on their phones. Seriously, what gives? I guess most people shop at Wal-Mart for the low prices NOT the wonderful service. That's definitely my reasoning. 

my poor baby was tired. ha, not in the mood for a picture.

Happy Monday!