Oct 22, 2012

lincoln's nursery!

the nursery is complete & i must say that it's now my favorite room in our apartment! i really just want to relax in the rocking chair, prop my feet up & read books to the little guy currently taking up residence in my belly. we wanted to keep lincoln's nursery simple but still fun by adding a few unique pieces to his room. one of the things i REALLY wanted was a faux deer head for the wall but they can be super-duper expensive so i decided to brave the world of paper mache & make my own (i know. pretty ambitious) BUT i am completely happy with it, especially considering that it only cost me $20 to make! and just so you know, i'll be sharing the details on how your can make your very own deer head so stay tuned!

and a HUGE "thank you" goes out to the following people for helping out with our nursery project:

The Zywica Family
Cori Backus
Laura Phillips
  (you guys are the best!)

 happy monday, friends.