Sep 4, 2012

food truck rodeo.

 apparently, i'm a messy eater.

  baby onesies! thought about purchasing one but not for $12...

 ok, so if you've never visited a food truck, my advice is....GO!
it's such a unique experience & of course, so much fun to 
taste all the different specialty foods that 
these awesome people make.

downtown durham here in north carolina hosts what
they call the "food truck rodeo". pretty much every food 
truck from the area was present & they were serving up burgers, 
crepes, organic salads, good old fashioned BBQ, donuts, 
greek cuisine, gourmet popsicles & anything else you
can possibly imagine.

we ate at BAGUETTEABOUTIT & it was a huge hit with us! 
they take fresh baguettes, put a hole in them and then 
they stuff them with all kinds of sausages & yummy sauces. 
talk about pure genius. seriously, so good & worth 
the 15 minute wait in line.

we hope everyone (or most everyone) enjoyed their extra 

long weekend and that you got to spend it with the ones you love.

happy tuesday!